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Take care of yourself and the planet

We only have one planet to live and we only have one body to inhabit. Taking care of yourself is also taking care of the environment.

As you well know, organic and fair trade fashion is revolutionizing the market. Many people wonder what it is and what benefits are generated by consuming organic fashion. Well, the main reason is simple, for your health.

Did you know that 98% of fashion is contaminated with heavy metals and petroleum derivatives harmful to our health?

We are the generation of renewal and it is our duty to instill in our people and those who follow us the importance of consuming organic and practicing fair trade, in an integral way and integrating it into our daily lives urgently.

With an ecological and responsible consumption we will preserve more of our basic resources; like water, the air we breathe, and our fields. In the same way that we would take care of our home so that it lasts and can be transferred to the following generations, we need to put all efforts so that future generations can inherit a cleaner planet, far from pathologies caused by so much industrial pollution and its chemical waste. . We have to create positive changes for the planet!

For this reason, we invite you to follow our motto, take good care of yourself, consume eco-friendly and respect the planet, “because shining by dressing also has to do with the values ​​of what we dress.”

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