Petra Oliva
Petra Oliva

Petra Oliva

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Petra is a very versatile sandal line that you can wear on any occasion.

The fabric is made from yarn obtained from recycled plastic bottles and the sole is vulcanized jute

Each Petra is hand-sewn by our artisans in La Rioja.

In short, a 100% ecological and handmade sandal. Umana Philosophy!


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  • Made in Spain
  • 100% Upcycled plastic bottles
  • Our fabrics are manufactured with “Recover” yarn complying with the GRS standard (“Global Recycled Standard”)


  • Made in Spain
  • Vulcanized Natural Jute

Large sizes:

  • For large sizes you can contact us


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Do not machine wash, as the sole is made of natural esparto materials.

Brush the exterior well with a soft brush to remove all dust. The part of the sole, if it has mud or sand, we can clean it with a slightly harder brush.

To clean grease or food stains, put some talcum powder and let it act to absorb the fat. Then brush to remove talc and dirt will be removed by brushing.

For other stains, mix a little water with ammonia or neutral soap. Dampen a sponge or rag in this solution and gently run it through the fabric without soaking them. Proceed in the same way to clean the interior.

Finally, to dry! Put some newspaper in the interior to avoid deformation and leave in the shade. Avoid direct sun.

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