Silhouettes of palm trees against colorful sky at sunset. Tropical landscape with palms on the sandy beach, sea, gold sunlight in the evening in summer in Mallorca, Spain. Vintage tone. Nature

Our philosophy

The Slow Fashion or Slow Fashion trend defends sustainable fashion, respect for the environment and people as the essential axis of manufacturing fashion items.

You will be sure that the item you buy was not made by an exploited person or child. And also, it will last much longer.

It is a fashion designed to last, as tradition marks.

The philosophy of slow life was born against the unbridled rhythm of today’s life. It promulgates the exaltation of values ​​such as enjoying and savoring life to the fullest.

The focus of this philosophy is based on being fully aware of how we invest our valuable time, carrying out the most selective action possible.

It may sound like a utopia but in practice it encourages you to stop pressing the accelerator and live at a more conscious pace. A #umanastyle rhythm

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Crafts, Ecology and tradition

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